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Hand weaving formed a part of socio-cultural tradition of the peoples of Manipur which has a rich cultural heritage. Handloom industry in the State, which as a legacy of unrivalled craftmanship, is spread througout the length and breadth of the State. It is a household cottage industry with decentralized set-up. In terms of employment generation, it is next only to agriculture for womenfolk of the State.

Tamenglong District is no exception with other districts in terms of hand weaving activities. As per National Handloom Census, 1995, there are 35577 handloom weavers with 36918 looms int he district. Of this, 80% are primitive  loin loom and weavers. The average monthly earning of a weaver is Rs.35/- to 55/- per day. The Traditional fabrics of the district are quite distinct and unique in its colour combination of warp and weft in the cloths. The Annual demand for the fabrics as well as its diversified material gradually increased year to year.

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